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Mime Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide an atmosphere of worship through mime and dance that will illuminate the gospel of Jesus Christ with soundless expression. The Mime Ministry exemplifies creativity along with the art of worship that is communicated through wordless gestures used to edify and bring glory to the Kingdom of God.

Music Ministry

It is our belief at The Word Center that Praise & Worship is a vital part to the ministry of this body of believers. Members should view their function as ministers of the gospel through music and song. Those who serve on the Praise & Worship Team, therefore, should view their role as a calling from God. Membership on the Praise Team (in any way) is a position of Christian leadership. The primary function, then, is to lead the congregation in true worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; therefore, members must strive continually through prayer and example to have a pure heart before God and others.

Praise Dance Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to invoke a corporate atmosphere of worship to experience joy, freedom and deliverance that takes place in the presence of the Lord.


The Praise Dance Ministry seeks to develop upon a standing foundation that would allow the gifts of the Spirit to come forward and to create a spirit filled environment that takes the limits off the power of God through dance, using dance as an instrument of Praise.

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