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The Word Center beliefs are centered around the Word of God. These principles are so profound that no external pressure will force us to compromise them.

Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God:
John 3:16, Matthew 22:32

God has a purpose for everyone:
John 15:2, Ecclesiastes 3:1

The power of prayer:
I Thessalonians 5:17

The Salvation of Man:
Romans 3:24; Ephesians 2:8: Romans 10:8-10

The answers to life’s questions are in the Word of God:
Luke 11:9

All have the ability to change through the word:
Romans 12:2

God loves me so much, he sees beyond my faults:
1 Peter 5:7


To impact as many lives as God allows through the Word of God!


Spreading the Word
Meeting the needs
Ministering to hurting people
Touching the City
Building people

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