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School is in session!

As we get back into our weekly routines, life can become chaotic. Each kid has to be somewhere at a particular time, work schedule, me-time, etc. During the semester, tasks can become overwhelming.

I want you to know you're built. "God" tough! We simply have to walk in wisdom. Consider some of the following:

  1. Check your needs vs. wants-If everything is important, then nothing is. We have to learn to prioritize our priorities. As simple as it may sound, you need sleep. You want to finish the Netflix series.

  2. Planning is your friends-You have to have foresight. If you know your child's event is next week and you'll need supplies, order them early. Something could happen in shipping. The item could be damaged or the wrong size. Use planning to your advantage.

  3. Make time for yourself-Often we schedule everything but the "me" time. Me time is essential. If you're no good yourself, you won't be any good to anyone else.

  4. Say "no" more than "yes." There are consequences to your yes. Each yes requires you to give energy and time. Some consequences come with every yes. Disseminate your "yes" sparingly.

  5. Recognize that you're just one person-Use your support systems if you have them. Delegation leads to elevation. If you're an entrepreneur, you should not be doing anything you're paying someone else to do.

  6. Make time for spiritual refreshment-Oftentimes we get so enamored in completed physical tasks we do not realize that they are draining us spiritually. Make time to come to in-person services and fellowship with other believers. Make time to join the prayer call at the beginning of the week. Make time to prioritize your spiritual growth.

You can find the balance. You have to be strategic and plan ahead. Structure your schedule to benefit all parties to prevent burnout. Let's have a productive semester and finish the year strong!

Pastor Rich

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